The puzzle of puzzles

My brother and sister in law give the most creative gifts.  They go out of their way to do things that are absolutely unique.  This Christmas, they gave us a custom puzzle with the image of our business logo.  We has so much fun finding the coloured pieces and forming the letters and bird that make up our logo.  Then we searched for all the edge pieces and slowly and methodically got the puzzle framed out.  You have to understand the particular challenge of this as all the pieces were white with not a hint of colour.  It took us hours.  Then we were left got it....a whole lot more white.

We tried several different strategies including organizing all the different pieces by their shapes.  It proved to be too difficult, as getting a single piece in its right spot was taking way too long - hours.  We eventually put all the pieces back in the box and on the shelf.

However, the exercise in futility sparked an idea.  How would our clients respond to the opportunity of buying custom puzzles with my artwork?  So, I created a collage of animals and ordered 10 puzzles.  The day they arrived, they were sold out almost immediately.  The question of whether there would be interest was answered loud and clear.

I have just ordered three different single image 500-piece puzzles that will arrive late next week.  We will be offering:

Baby Gorilla

Unbreakable Bond

My Raven Friend, No. 4

These will be $50 + gst and available as soon as they arrive. We have 5 sets of each. If you want to reserve one, send me a note right away.

Strong Women

I will be working on a few theme-oriented puzzles based on suggestions people have made on the Russell Thomas Art Facebook page.  O Canada, Strong Females, and Ravens were themes that popped out to me.  A natural will also be Music Icons!

Long story short, we love the idea of puzzles and the way they bring families together.  More to come.


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