Last day of auction

The MOVING TO OKOTOKS online auction comes to an end at 9 pm MST.  You can already tell the difference in the studio.  As items have received bids, I've been taking them off the wall and packaging them up for their purchasers.  Birdsong Studio is slowly losing its colour.  That process will continue in earnest as we prepare to hand over the keys to the new family at the end of June.

This final Fort McMurray based auction has been pretty remarkable on several fronts:
  • it featured the largest number of items that we've ever offered
  • more people have signed up to participate than ever before
  • 13 items have been purchased with the BUY NOW option and have been upgraded to EPs

What is especially cool about this auction is that it shone a spotlight on Heather's abstract creations.  It has been one of the great joys of my life watching her create over the past number of months.  Her process is spontaneous yet intentional.  She works with a piece until it begins to speak clearly to her.  Under most of the finished works are layers and layers and colour and texture.  I wish you could all see them in person, as photographs do not do them justice.

As people have dropped by to pick up pieces and others have reached out to place custom orders, I have been touched by their kind comments.  The success we have had has been fuelled and inspired by so many of you.  Your encouragement and support has meant the world to us, and we will be forever in your debt. 


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