Are you listening?

I had been working on a commission most of the day when I decided to gift myself with the opportunity to do something spontaneous.  I started going through the thousand of photos I had taken over the last couple of years when a soft voice inside my head whispered "paint the lion". 

Calgary Zoo Lion, 16" x 24", acrylic on canvas

"The lion" the voice was referring to was one that I had photographed at the Calgary Zoo last summer.  I'd already done one painting from that collection of photos (see above), but I knew exactly what picture the voice was talking about this time.  It was a side profile that I always knew I would paint one day. 

I spent the latter part of the afternoon laying down colours, completely ignoring the majestic beast's hair, as that would happen right near the end. 

Heather has been spending more time in the studio lately, working on a collection of abstract works for our next auction which is coming up later this month.  As she decided to go out into the studio after dinner, I thought I'd join her.  In my mind, I wanted to get a jump on applying the beautiful hair.  What I didn't anticipate is that I would fall into "the zone" and bring the project to near completion.

In recent days "Passion of Christ", "Angkor Wat Monkey", and "Nelson Mandela" were all suggested by the tiny voice inside my head that provides suggestions when I decide to invest in some personal painting time.  I'm so glad that I pay attention.

Are you listening to the messages the Universe is sharing with you?  You never know where that little voice might take you.  Have a beautiful day!


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