Moments that matter

Reflecting back on a Victoria Day long weekend of painting, running a garage sale, and giving tours of Birdsong Studio, I'm struck by the number of beautiful moments that happened. 

Children running around the garden trying to catch Coco.

Painting together with friends and family.

Families hearing the story of Elsie Yanik and Dorothy McDonald as I showed them the murals.

Lovely people who came for the garage sale and stayed for a visit.

Coco enjoying several awesome dog visits when clients dropped by to pick up art.

Visitors being drawn into Heather's amazing abstract paintings.

I only have a few photos that capture the spirit of the weekend.  One is mine, the other was shared with me by Kim Coppard as she delivered a commission project to her Aunty.

Photo by Kim Coppard

Of course, we also launched our MOVING TO OKOTOKS online auction over the weekend.  It is not only our biggest auction yet, it is our last one while based in Fort McMurray. 

Perhaps the combination of those two things has resulted in an unbelievable response.  As of this morning, three items are already SOLD as bidders chose the BUY NOW prices.

You can check everything out by clicking here.  The auction goes all the week and closes on Sunday evening at 9 pm MST.


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