Relaxation painting

In the last month, I've been taking the time to do freeform painting just for the fun of it.  In anticipation of the move, I've been laying down complimentary colours on canvases that had been left behind after workshops with partially completed works on them.  I use thicker Liquitex paints to create a quick and colourful background.  It usually takes a minute or two.

Once the background and the sides of the canvas are covered with paint, I set it aside to dry.  This can take a number of hours or a full day depending on the thickness of the paint.

When I need some relaxation time, I grab the canvas, now completely dry, and paint what I see.

In the case of "Tidal Pool Ballet", I saw two symmetrical circular patterns.

With "Blowin' in the Wind", I saw a quilt of leaves moving in the breeze with several ravens flying by.

Last night, I started with another green background and ended up seeing something a bit more complex.  I have not traditionally done landscapes or nature scenes of any kind.  However, this method seems to invite whimsical dances with the natural world, not based on a picture or even a real life scene, but rather my inner world: memory, feeling and dreams.  I'm calling this latest one "Enchanted Trail".

The next workshop we do will explore this method.  I can't wait.


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