Movin' Out

The open house all done and it's time to get serious about packing up Birdsong Studio and head on down the highways to its new home at 74 Elma Street West in Okotoks.  We are auctioning off all our remaining paintings in hopes of not having to put them in the moving truck.  How motivated are we to find them homes?  Just look at the super low starting bid prices.

MOVING OUT online auction

There is something refreshing about wiping the slate clean and marking a new beginning.  You can help us do that by giving one of these originals a home.

At the moment, there is only one gallery canvas print in the MOVING OUT auction. It is the beautiful photograph by Robert Coppard of the murals on the back walls of Birdsong Studio.  However, we expecting three more to arrive today or tomorrow.  We'll add those in as soon as they arrive.

I think my favourite piece in the auction is one of Heather's.  "Forest Light" is absolutely stunning.

Another favourite is this portrait of John Coltrane.  His music has been a part of my life for at least 20 years. 

One piece in the auction has already been scooped up with the BUY NOW price.  Neil Young will be finding a home with Linda, a lovely human being and friend who dropped by our open house on the weekend.  Her collection continues to grow. 

To participate in the auction and help us find homes for these art works, all you have to do is click here, register with the 32 Auctions website (free) and start bidding.  If someone outbids you, the website will automatically send you an email to let you know.


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