Covid Blessings

 I'm struck by the good things that have happened because of Covid.  It was a theme that repeated itself during Christmas Zoom calls with both sides of the family.  Precious time, reduced stress, slower pace, enhanced togetherness were all talked about, along with some trepidation about the return to normalcy.

On Christmas Day we had a wonderful visit with Heather's side of the family including her 100 year old Grandfather.  Gordon is in remarkable shape, still residing in an independent living apartment in Winnipeg.  Articulate, engaged, and candid about life and the prospect and acceptance of death, Gordon is embracing his denouement.  It was nothing short of delightful to hear stories from 90 years ago. 

Would this visit have happened if it was a normal Christmas.  Maybe, but probably not in this way.

The Thomas side of the family virtually gathered on Boxing Day.  By my count, 13 of 15 grandchildren participated in the call, sharing memories and connecting with each other.  One realizes how the years go by when seeing and hearing nieces and nephews for the first time in a long time.  Forget presents, wonderful food and drink, this is the true heart of Christmas: being with family. 


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