Embracing the storm


We sat around the dinner table tonight watching a behind the scenes live stream of a production that Dylan is doing at National Theatre School.  He landed one of the lead roles in Paula Vogel’s “Indecent” in his graduation year at our nation’s most prestigious theatre schools.  

Despite Covid, despite having to wear masks constantly, despite soaring infection numbers in Quebec, they are still moving forward and creating art.  He tells us that they have an in person capacity in the theatre of 15 people.  Yet they carry on: exploring, expressing, creating.

Ben is up in his room collaborating with fellow students on a theatre project.  I can hear him through the walls: exploring, expressing, creating.  He is still moving forward, too.

We are in the middle of a health storm with personal freedom restrictions unlike anything we have seen before.  What seemed apocalyptic in March seems normal now.  We adapt, we acclimate, we embrace.

New restrictions for Alberta were announced by Premier Kenney yesterday, restrictions that perhaps, in reflection, should have been imposed a month ago.  However, being a Monday morning quarterback doesn't serve anyone.  The government made tough decisions to bring in moderate measures; they made the harder decision to toughen them up in the face of Christmas.  

It was one week ago today that Heather had her surgery.  She is healing well, but has days that are hard.  Despite all of it, she is moving forward, doing a variety of online personal growth programs.  She is exploring, creating and embracing just like our sons. 

Despite everything, we are grateful for our lives and the opportunities that have come our way moving to beautiful Okotoks.  Our latest auction wrapped up on Sunday night and packages have been sent out to homes across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia.  I still have commission projects in the queue and an excitement about what lies ahead in 2021, both in terms of artistic and personal adventures.  


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