The difference years make


I first painted a still life rendering of this Christmas ornament in 2016, in front of a large audience at Keyano Theatre in Fort McMurray attending THE REASON concert.  I emceed the event and painted at the same time.  The painting was auctioned off and purchased for $2,000, helping a number of different local charities.  

Pastor Bev Fawcett invited me to participate in this year's virtual version of THE REASON and I jumped at the opportunity.  Any chance we get to help the community of Fort McMurray, we take it.  For awhile, I puzzled and pondered about what to paint and how to integrate it into a virtual format.  In the end, I thought it would be fun to return to the same subject and discover how four years and over one thousand paintings would change the result.  

Music is the foundation of THE REASON concert, music with a positive message about the true meaning of Christmas.  I decided to immerse myself in a music playlist that my sister Corinne suggested and that I have compiled as a playlist on Spotify (you can enjoy the playlist by clicking here).  Or, you can read the blog post that she wrote about these selections here.  It is excellent. 

I have felt the spiritual side of Christmas, its magic and wonder, since I was a boy.  I wanted this painting to reflect the intangible beauty of the season and the hope and love it inspires.  Enjoy.

You can bid on the original painting here.  Or, you can purchase a 5" x 7" print in an 8" x 10" mat for $25 + gst, which includes shipping to anywhere in Canada.  Just send me an email asking for "The Heart of Christmas":

Finally, here is a comparison between the two paintings.  


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