Moment of truth and vulnerability


It was January 24th when Heather and I started Phase I of the Ideal Protein program. We took a few pictures that day to help understand and illustrate the physical changes we were going to go through in the coming weeks and months.

We took pictures this morning, 63 days later.  This is what 30 pounds lost and a 6 percent drop in body fat looks like.
Now that we've both reached our target weight loss goals, we are moving into Phase II of the protocol, or Stabilization. Over the next number of weeks we will focus on reintroducing whole proteins, carbs and fats while managing hunger and satiety levels. The truth is that weight loss is only part of this journey; the real value is learning how to keep it off. We want our new normal to be a healthier, manageable, body composition. 

If you'd like to hear more about the Ideal Protein program, please reach out. Birdsong Studios is an independent and authorized Ideal Protein weight loss clinic located on historic Elma Street in Okotoks. Text 403-910-0843 or email


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