A snap of the fingers

I have lost over 20 pounds since we got back from Vancouver Island. It feels like no time has passed at all, like the snap of the fingers.

Looking at the number on the scale is one thing, but there are other numbers that pop up that are equally important. For men of my age, body fat percentage is a really important one. When I started the Ideal Protein program I was in a range that presented risks. I'm now in a healthy range.

My physical measurements have also changed over the last five weeks. Clothes fit in a completely different way as over 27 inches have dropped from my frame. My painting pants - the ones that I wear every day - need to be cinched up to stay up. 

For Heather and I, jumping into the Ideal Protein program was timed perfectly. We had just arrived home after two weeks of eating a lot of food, enjoying a couple of beers every night, and not limiting our food and beverage consumption in any way.  Our bodies were ready to shift to a healthier diet. Our minds were equally ready. 

Are you ready?  That's is the most important question. With a solid commitment, good coaching and a doctor designed program, results could be a fingers snap away.

Want to find out more? Heather and I are always keen to sharing our stories and the benefits of the Ideal Protein program. We are an authorized and independent Ideal Protein clinic located on historic Elma Street in downtown Okotoks. 


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