I can't explain it


Each morning starts the same. I step on the weigh scale and find out my weight, body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, total lean mass and hydration percentage. Some mornings, like today, I get surprised. 

I dropped almost three pounds in 24 hours, bringing me to 167.8 pounds, my lowest weight in over 30 years. Why and how did I lose almost three pounds in 24 hours?  I honestly have no idea. As I've been getting metrics every morning of this two-month weight loss journey, I've seen some teeter totter numbers.  I'll take it. I am within a pound of my goal. Wow!

Our Ideal Protein coaches have warned us that as we near Phase 2 and the re-introduction of more whole proteins, fats and carbs, fear can creep in.  The regimen of Phase 1 is quite comforting. I feel a little bit of that fear, mixed with excitement of getting something called my unique "Macro Code", or the daily allotments of protein, fat and carb servings that will allow me to control my hunger and satiety levels.

We are starting to see an upswing in the number of people reaching out asking for more information about this doctor designed protocol. Don't hesitate to send us a note, as we are an independent and authorized Ideal Protein clinic located on historic Elma Street in beautiful downtown Okotoks. 

Text: (403)910-0843

Email: office@birdsongstudios.ca

Ideal Protein's mission is to empower people to achieve transformational, lasting weight loss and live healthier lives. If that sounds exciting to you, we'd love to have a conversation. 


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