Into Phase 2

 Heather and I stepped into Phase 2 of the Ideal Protein protocol a week ago. After what is called a "stepdown week", we are now starting to reintroduce more whole proteins, healthy fats and high value carbs to our daily diet. 

The interesting thing to share is that we have to really work on adding in these "normal" foods.  We've become so familiar and comfortable with the Phase 1 protocol, that adjusting to new options takes some brain power.  We also have to restock our fridge.

I had my first slice of bread in over two months at dinner last night. Yummy!  We've also had a small amount of cheese on a couple of meals in the past week. 

My weight and body fat percentage hasn't changed. I'm still at the lowest weight of my adult life and feeling great. 

If you want to go on this journey with two coaches who live and breathe the Ideal Protein program every day, send us a text or email. We have clients from the entire Okotoks/Foothills region who visit our independent and authorized weight loss centre on historic Elma Street.

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