Spring auction of Birdsong Friends

When we have visitors to Birdsong Studio, we like to point out that it is not "our" studio in the personal sense, but "our" studio in the community sense. We love to share our space and our platforms with other artists. The Birdsong Friends Spring online auction is another manifestation of that philosophy.

We have 100 items on the auction block with bids closing today at 9 pm MST...today being April 18, 2022. 

There are four other artists with work featured including several abstract creations from Heather. She's spending much of her day in the air, travelling back from Mexico where she was working on her memoir. It would brighten up her return to get a few bids on some of her pieces.  

My personal favourites are the three paintings included in the set called "In the Garden". In a few more weeks, that's exactly where she will be with the arrival of spring.
Photographer Rob Kunz has several pieces in the auction, including these captivating icebergs from Iceland. He also has a wonderful capture of northern lights which might appeal to folks who live in the northern parts where aurora borealis are common.
Jerry Epp is back for this edition of the Birdsong Friends auction. The photo above shows off his latest epic painting of Cascade Mountain. There is a furious bidding war for his gallery canvas print of "Canoe at the Lake". It truly is a stunning painting.
We are so pleased to have several geometric creations by Scott Jackson in this auction. These would be cherished additions to a home or office with a contemporary design. They are truly striking.

Doing these auctions is a safe and accessible way of sharing art with a broad audience. We typically have buyers from across Canada and sometimes into the United States. The platform works great as it is all automatic and fair. After the bids close, I'll shift to packing mode. 


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