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I am into my third week of Phase 2, or the stabilization phase of the Ideal Protein protocol. Even though I have slowly reintroduced healthy fats and high quality carbs, I am staying within one or two pounds - up and down - of my goal weight. 

There are days that surprise me, like the morning I woke up to a two pound drop when I thought I had over indulged the day before.  There are days that make complete sense, like the other morning when I had gained several pounds after over snacking while watching a movie.  The evening snacking continues to be a bad habit with me. It's not even that I'm hungry; it's just a habit - a way of settling down so I can sleep. 

My unique Macro Code target for today is 6.5 servings of protein, 8 of fats, and 30 net carbs. I had a quarter cup of rolled oats for breakfast. I was shocked to see that accounted for 28 net carbs.  So little contains so much.  Wow!

My go to choices for protein, outside of a meal, are plain Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Both feel decadent and tasty to me. A full cup of either account for a full serving of protein. I also rely on my IP snacks to get up to my 6.5 servings per day. 

I'm getting my healthy fats from olive oil, half and half in my coffee and the hemp seed and/or flax seed that I add to my yogurt or cottage cheese. 

I find that the busier I am out in the studio or in the Ideal Protein office, the less I think about eating. It's when I'm sitting down watching TV in the evening when I feel the most tempted to snack. There's the change I need to seek.  

If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes. If the thought of summer approaching fills you with dread because of the Covid weight you've accumulated. If you are concerned about your overall health because of excess weight, then the Ideal Protein program could be something to consider. This doctor designed protocol has helped thousands and thousands of people reach their weight loss goals. Heather and I are always happy to share our experiences with the program and provide our coaching support. Text us at (403)910-0843 or email office@birdsongstudios.ca. Our independent and authorized weight loss clinic is located on historic Elma Street in Okotoks. 


  1. Hello! I was searching for pictures with the words "Trust the Universe"
    I found an old post of yours. A beautiful picture of autumn trees with the words "Trust the Universe"
    I want to share it on my Instagram. I need to ask for your permission.
    I am guessing it is your private pic. And if you tell me "no" I won't.
    /Hanna from Sweden ☺️


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