Art connects

We waited until everything was done before putting art on our walls. There is intentionality to what pieces we brought with us from Okotoks and where they were placed in our new SEED Home in High River. But, I'll get to that later.

One of the first questions we asked when we started hearing details of the Trusscore walls made from recycled PVC plastic was "How are we going to hang art?" In the studio building, the answer to that question is pretty self explanatory. Every feature wall will be made from the Trusscore slatted wall, enable us to use slatted wall hooks to hang art anywhere. But the Trusscore walls in the house are flat. How would that work?

The solution has been to use the appropriate products made by CM in their Command line. There are many different options that use an adhesive technology that leaves no marks or damage. Each option is rated for a certain amount of weight. 

I was able to put up all of our smaller pieces yesterday. The larger pieces by Steve Coffey and Christine Walker will need to wait until later today, as their special 3M hangers haven't arrived yet. 
Sitting at the dining table I have two paintings by Leslie Starr, one is a landscape of road in our rolling foothills, the other is a raven looking down, watching over us.
One the west wall to the left of the patio doors is a lithograph from a Mexican artist of a stylistic dog who is looking up, watching the squirrels that like to play in our Manitoba maples.
To the left of our guest bathroom barn door is a beautiful blue bird set against a snowy forest, reminding us and sharing with others our love for birds and bird watching.
To the right of the main entrance is the Old Man, a spectacular drawing by our son Ben, seemingly watching over the whole house and imparting his wisdom.
In the guest bathroom you'll find a gorgeous painting of a hedgehog by Lisa Carlson, playfully glancing at the shower stall.

Several of Heather's creations are featured in our master bedroom, one underneath the sconce that connects with the lotus flower sitting above the tub. 

You may wonder why none of my paintings are on the walls. Honestly, we haven't found the right one that connects to everything else. My paintings are scattered throughout the temporary studio space in the guest bedroom. That's good enough for me. 


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