Exploring Birdsong Studio 3.0

 Heather and I had to duck into the city yesterday to visit our studio storage pod. We used the opportunity as an excuse to pop into SEED Homes, as it is a short ten minute drive from the pod. Fridays are usually pretty quiet on the shop floor, but it was hopping yesterday. The workers were pulling some overtime as things are so incredibly busy on both the SEED Homes and industrial sides of the business. 

Tracy was kind enough to offer us some safety glasses and escort us safely across the shop to where the three sections of Birdsong Studio 3.0 are resting about two feet off the floor. 
Heather immediately got to work doing some energy work. She was furiously drawing and writing on the plywood subfloor imbuing the building with positive affirmations.
In Cambodia, where we have participated in several house builds with the charity Bracelets For Buildings, they place money under the pilings at all four corners of the house for similar reasons. 
I stood in the studio section and started to imagine what it is going to be like working and creating in the space. Compared to the very limited amount of space I have now, it will feel epically large. There will also be wonderful light coming in from four large windows facing the north. 
I was very grateful to see that electrical duplexes had been added at counter level along the length of that wall. Our intention is to purchase a long section of IKEA cabinets that will provide storage for all of our supplies. The counter will also provide display space for smaller paintings when we do pop-up exhibitions. 

The studio will largely be a working space. We will be laying a roll of poly down across the whole floor and covering that with canvas so that we don't damage or splatter the bamboo hardwood. When we want to spruce things up and do a mini-exhibition, we'll just roll up the floor protection and away we go.

I could clearly see and feel where my painting spot is going to be. Heather had the same thought for herself. Lucky for us, they were in two different ends of the studio. I could also clearly see where we needed to create some storage solutions for the large sheets of cardboard I always have on hand and the many different sizes of canvas. 

This journey has had its fair share of ups and downs, but things feel so good at the moment with the house largely complete and the studio building making such great progress. Along the entire way, the SEED Homes team members have been so great to work with. When we were frustrated, they allowed us to vent. When we had questions or concerns, they were responsive. When milestones were reached, they celebrated with us. I see more celebrating in the very near future with Birdsong Studio 3.0 makes its journey from southeast Calgary to High River. 


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