What is the thickness of my skin?

Every new adventure in my life has a served purpose, to scare, to challenge, to unsettle, to test, to make me a better person. This election run is another adventure that is sure to do all those things, win or lose.

"If I can keep my head, when all about me are losing theirs...."

I heard that my name came up a number of times at a recent event, questions were raised about my ability to juggle multiple projects and whether I would still be able to handle the rigors of Council. Questions even came up about how I was going to handle things with my son being in the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital for several months recovering from leg surgery this fall.

And while these queries are deeply personal, they are fair questions from citizens that want to make sure their vote is going to the right person. I respect that questions are being asked and am eager to answer them all.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that when I commit to something, I see it through to the end, even when the waters get choppy in the middle.

A colleague wrote: "Want something done? Give it to someone who's busy." That's me. I'm busy, but I get things done. I'm busy, but I still find time to rest, relax and be with my family. I'm busy, but I'm incredibly adept at juggling multiple priorities without becoming overwhelmed.

Hey, I'm no different than anyone else. There are days when stress and workload builds up and I need a serious decompression session. I had one of those just the other day. But I worked through it, shared things with those who are close to me, and carried on.

My son Dylan is about to go in for corrective leg surgery, a procedure that has been planned for a long time and one that he (and us) has been through before. God willing, everything will go well and my full intention, if successful in this election, is to meet all the obligations of being a Councillor. Trips to visit my son will pop into the schedule when they can, and when they can't, we'll hook up on Facebook and chat about our respective days.

Keep those questions coming!

September 17, 2010 - 197.6 pounds, 34.6% body fat


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