Pay it Forward Friday

A couple of weeks ago, I received two complimentary copies of the latest NorthWord magazine, a literary journal of Canada's north.  As I already had a copy, including My Quotidian Mornings - a blog post about my morning writing and social media practice, I knew I would be passing them along to someone.  That's when the idea struck me to continue the Pay It Forward Friday idea that I had tried out on Facebook the week previous, giving away a copy of the Breaking Bad TV series.

As the timing lined up with Canada Day, I asked a simple question about why they loved our country.  The responses were excellent and Ben helped me select the winners, one of whom was Barb Dregor from Wisconsin who shared that Canada is one of her favourite places to visit.
"God's creation is evident in nature and the vivid scenery, wildlife, water, sunsets and crisp air make me feel so close to my creator. Fishing is the best in Canada and being on the water in Canada experiencing nature is my most favorite place to be!"
The whole idea of Pay It Forward Friday is to give people a platform to share something positive.  The  first week we heard great stories of kindness that had been experienced.  Last week we gave away a signed copy of the Chicago poster and were treated to some great memories from the show.

Today's item is a signed copy of the Macbeth poster from last season.  This one's kind of special in that it was a visiting group from Aquila Theatre in New York who performed. We are asking you to look ahead to the 2012-2013 season and share which show you are most excited about and why.

Are you psyched about the intensity of Extremities, a thriller by William Mastrosimone?  Perhaps the revealing Calendar Girls is the one that pops out for you?  Or, maybe you're keen to see reflections of yourself and your neighbors in Hometown the Musical?  What about the hilarious Bedtime Stories by Norm Foster, one of Canada's most prolific and successful playwrights?

To share and possibly win, go over to my Facebook page.  If you're not on my friends list, just send me a request.  It's fun, and it's an opportunity to pass along some positive vibes on a Friday the 13th, when good vibes are absolutely required to balance off the other stuff.


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