Progress in the bulge battle

When I couldn't find my Ideal Protein program notes from two years ago, I took it as a sign I needed to battle the bulge on my own, with no help from protein shakes, supplements or otherwise.  I started last Wednesday and have successfully dropped 7.2 pounds.

There are two psychological pulls at work here, one that suggests I've lost enough and to stop fretting about what I'm eating and drinking, and the other that wants me to press on and see how low the numbers on the weight scale can go.  As I really don't think I've given up anything, save for an evening dram of scotch and the odd cheat, I shall continue on with hopes of getting back below 180 pounds in time for our summer travels.

Admittedly, I have leveraged a purchased product these last few days, to take care of my evening crunch cravings.  Safeway sell Atkins bars which seem to do the trick.  Not cheap - they range between $2 - $3 per bar - they are almost absent in sugar but still provide the sweet taste and crunchy sensation that I so appreciate.

Water is the key.  I've started using Heather's one litre bottle and must have went through 4 or 5 by day's end.  Yes, this causes me to get up and down in the middle of the night quite a few times, but I can feel the difference that the water has made.

With her return from an Edmonton trip, Heather and I have continued our walking ways, going for a daily evening stroll through the neighbourhood.  The 30-45 minute meanderings provide a great chance to catch up on our day, re-connect and discover a little more about our community. I wish I had taken a picture, but we passed this young lady taking pictures of her car, complete with false eyelashes on its headlights.  She was so excited and proud.  It was a quintessential Fort McMurray moment.

The battle of the bulge continues with a strategy that is remarkably simple:

1. Avoid carbs
2. No sugar
3. Embrace salad and veggies
4. Water, water and more water

Based on my memory of the program, I'm avoiding carrots, corn, bread (though not completely), fruit and grains (except for flax which I adore).

I shall soldier on.


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