People, dogs and a hedgehog

We hosted our second ART in the ALLEY event yesterday.  Despite a forecast that was calling for rain, the weather cooperated in a remarkable and beautiful way.  It was a mix of sun and cloud with enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitoes and bugs away.  It was idyllic.

Maryanne Campbell joined us for this version of ART in the ALLEY displaying and selling a lovely collection of paintings on the fence.  I've enjoyed watching her find her artistic voice and producing a lot of work over the last six months.  The rooster, turtle and salmon were my personal favourites from yesterday's showing.

We set up easels in front of the murals and started to paint as small groups of people started to arrive.  Eventually, painting became too difficult as more and more people popped in.  Between tours, conversations and sales, the time flew by and the next thing we know, 4 pm had come and gone.

Heather brought Max (our hedgehog) out to meet Finnigan.  For reference sake, Finnigan was the first dog that I painted in my style, inspired by an artist in Kentucky named Eric Staub.  One glance at a painting that Eric has done of a Dane, unlocked something in my mind that enabled me to find the joy in painting animals.

Max and Finnigan got along famously and provided a lovely moment of levity and fascination as ART in the ALLEY came to a close.

How many people attended?  I don't think any of us were counting, but it was a mix of old friends and new friends (strangers up to yesterday).

Paintings, art cards, and books were sold and people seemed to enjoy the pop-up art experience.

We will do it again later this summer if the weather cooperates.  Heather would like to incorporate a yoga class to the concept, using the lovely grass of the alley behind Birdsong Studio.  I'd love to add some acoustic music and a few more artists. Stay tuned.


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