September song

One of the highlights of getting home from Mindcamp was being greeted by my raven friend.  I heard his call for the fist time in months, rushed outside, and saw him perched on the nearest branch.  We had a most delightful back and forth chat.

My squirrel friend was also happy to have me back.  I've been feeding him a couple of nuts every day to fatten him up for the long winter ahead.

I've always been a fan of the transition from summer to fall.  All of a sudden, the nights are darker and cooler, and sleeping seems to come more readily and deeply.  Here I am typing shortly after 6 a.m. and the light is just starting to show up on the distant horizon.

We are doing something a little different this year.  Every summer for the last decade, we have travelled to somewhere in the west to meet up with Heather's mom and dad, and her brother Michael and his family.  This normally has happened in the middle of summer.  However, this year it is happening on the Labour Day long weekend.  I'm kind of excited about it.

Truth be told, I'm feeling the need for a little break from everything.  I'm going to have the opportunity to put my line in the water for the first time this season.  Yes, I'm talking about fishing.  As painting took hold over the last three years, the thing it replaced was the rather sedentary activity of sitting on the river's edge and waiting for nibbles.

When we come back on Monday, it will be the eve of back to school, a few days shy of the United Way campaign, and just a few months from my semi-retirement and our trip to Thailand and Cambodia.


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