It's a puzzle

I got a puzzle from my brother-in-law for Christmas last year.  I hadn't thought of puzzles in years and really enjoyed the process of putting it together and the hours spent with family around the dining table.  It sparked a question of whether or not my art would make good puzzles.  I began toying around with themes and ideas.  They proved to be very popular and in anticipation of the holiday season, we have stocked up.  We currently have six different puzzles available.

Baby Gorilla (25 pieces) - $40

Baby Sea Turtle (25 pieces) - $40

Canadian Portraits (1000 pieces) - $60

Animals of Canada - Okotoks Editions (1000 pieces) - $60

Exotic Animals (1000 pieces)

Ravens (1000 pieces) - $60

We will be attending the Christmas Show and Market in Fort McMurray from November 29 to December 1. You can pick one of these up there. Or, you can visit Birdsong Studio on Historic Elma Street in Old Towne Okotoks. Of course, we are always happy to ship to wherever you are. Shipping will likely range between $15 - $20, depending where you are in Canada. You can connect with me at or text 780-881-3752.


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