My Top 5

Because so many of the people who follow the art that emerges from Birdsong Studio are spread out across the world, the best way for us to "open up the store" is to host auctions.  We try to do so every four to six weeks.  Our current auction runs until Sunday, November 10th at 9 pm MST.  To keep things fresh, we've been adding new items every day.


As I look through the items, several pop out to be as most special, and worth considering as a purchase.  I will narrow down my 5 picks.

1. Where the prairie meets the mountains

This original landscape by my talented wife Heather is hanging to my right as I type this.  This captures the magical spot where the rolling prairie begins to dance with the foothills.  I've loved it from the very beginning of her painting process.  This was the result of a multi-week painting workshop facilitated by Okotoks based artist and teacher Virgini Senden. If you love landscapes, this is the buy of the auction.

2. Griffen the Lion

I absolutely love this lion painting.  Its vibrant reds and oranges would dominate a room and provide a sense of majesty and strength.  I love it so much, I increased the starting bid price.  It didn't feel right being discounted so much.

3. Warhol 2019

Andy Warhol has been a subject of mine on several other occasions.  What is different about this painting is that I purposely went against my instincts and played with dissonant colours and ideas.  That was Andy Warhol....he went against the grain.  This portrait is entrancing.

4.  City Lights

This little abstract is a perfect investment for someone who has limited wall space, but would like to have an infusion of colour and wonder.  I see a city by the water at night.  But, what do you see?  That's the most important question.

5.  Soul to Soul

I'm going to resist the urge to increase the starting bid price on this original work that is on display at 94 Take the Cake on historic Elma Street in Okotoks.  It is a soul calming and serene piece that reminds us of the incredible connection that is possible between people and horses.


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