Artist in Residence: Matias Larzabal

Matias Larzabal is our first artist in residence at Birdsong Studio.  He and his wife Ginny have joined us from Toronto for a full week.  Matias is hanging out with me in the studio while Ginny catches up on writing and work projects.

Originally from Uruguay in South America, Matias is an artist who uses bright colours and whimsical imagery to tell visual stories.  Like many other artists, Matias has a well paying regular job - he is a professional counter top installer - and doesn't get the time that he truly desires to explore his painting.  The week in Birdsong Studio is giving him a chance to dive in and explore a bunch of different ideas.

We know Matias and Ginny from Mindcamp, Canada's creativity conference that happens every summer at YMCA Geneva Park in Ontario.  I spent quite a bit of time talking with them both about many of the things I've learned about the business of art.  That conversation has continued since their arrival in Okotoks and will likely continue beyond their time with us.

Los Barcos, 24" x 36", acrylic on canvas
Matias Larzabal
(to purchase:

I keep reflecting about the things I've developed and learned about turning my art into a viable business and how I can package them up so those learnings can serve other creators.  Frankly, I look at artists like Matias and see so much potential.  His style, colours and composition are so striking and I believe would bring joy to countless homes and businesses.

One of our dreams for Birdsong Studio is to host many visiting artists and creators over the next few years.  We have a wonderful set up to allow people to feel comfortable and explore their creative side.  None of us knows what will happen when people spend time with us, only that something will emerge that wasn't there before. 

You can follow Matias's painting journey on Facebook and Instagram.  Here is a link to his website.


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