Boxing Week Sale

Shortly after the last online auction of 2019, the walls of Birdsong Studio were looking rather bare.  It took a couple of weeks, but the elves at our print shop have been super busy and have sent us a whole new batch of gallery canvas prints to fill up the empty spaces.  We have also been busy creating fresh new work.  We're going to make it available to you during our Boxing Week Sale running until midnight on December 31st.


When you purchase a gallery canvas print that we have in stock, we're going to ship it to you, wherever you are in Canada, absolutely free.  I will also upgrade it to an EP (Embellished Print) as our gift to you.  Those two incentives will save you a minimum of $100 on your purchase.


If you buy an original work, we will ship it to you for free and we will discount the price by 25%.  Depending on the size of the original you can save between $100 - $200.

With absolutely no exceptions, we only have one of each gallery canvas print in the studio right now.  So, don't wait to scoop up the one you want.


These are the best ways to get in direct contact with me (though there are others).  These are in descending order of what works best for me.

1. Facebook Page Messenger -

2.  Email -

3.  Text - 780-881-3752

When you connect it would help us make things more efficient if you can share the item(s) you want to purchase, the best email to send your invoice to, and your shipping address.

HINT:  if you're able to pick up your purchase at Birdsong Studio in Okotoks, we will be able to sweeten the offer by discounting the amount we would have paid for shipping.


We are well equipped to accept most forms of payment.  E-transfer seems to be most popular, but we can also do credit card, debit, Paypal, cheque or cash.  GST will be added to the sale price.


We have created a photo folder at the Russell Thomas Art Facebook page that we are going to do our best to keep current by indicating which pieces have sold.  If you see something that has been listed as SOLD and you still want it, let us know.  If you're willing to wait the two weeks for it to get made and sent to us, we will give you the same Boxing Week Sale deal.


If new items arrive or get created during the week between Christmas and New Year, we may choose to add them to the sale.  So, stay tuned.


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