Unexpected discoveries

While our first collaborative painting was fun for three people, it became even more fun with five.

I put down the base colours and some starting patterns before Heather, Matias, Ginny and Rob jumped in.  It was remarkable to stand back and watch as they created an absolutely original work of art.

My brain was swirling imagining how to take this activity and build it into an immersive and illuminating collaborative experience.  I wondered what would happen if silence was imposed as a condition of the process.  How would a prompt or word influence the direction of the work?  And what would happen if the participants were a mix of regular people with visual artists?

I wonder if this could be a potential fundraising activity, where teams of 4 each create a unique painting in the middle of a major event?  At the end, each artwork could be auctioned off for whatever charity is the focus.  It would also provide some seriously fun entertainment for the attendees.

We have talked about placing these first two pieces in the Artists Loft along with brief descriptions of how they came to be created and who was involved.  They become part of the Birdsong story and a gentle invitation for others to pick up a brush and create their own beauty.


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