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We are in the final days of our final online auction of 2019.  We have probably done six or seven in 2019 and have shipped pieces to almost every province and to several states south of the border.  I've made a habit of reflecting on the selection of gallery canvas prints and original works near the auction's end and seeing which ones rise to the surface for me.  These are five pieces that jumped out to me this morning.  Perhaps one, or several, will speak to you.

18" x 36", mixed media on canvas

This textured abstract work sits right in front of my on the "study" side of the studio.  I love a lot of things about this piece, but mostly I love that everyone sees something different when looking at it.  Some see a city at night, others see ships in the harbour.  I see a misty northern forest at dawn.  From a collector's point of view, it is one of my first pieces that dances on the edge of abstract and realism.

16" x 20", gallery canvas print

This is a time of year when counting our blessings is a good thing to do.  This painting brings me back to the poor village in Cambodia where we met some remarkable families during our first visit to southeast Asia.  The head monk was sitting under a tree in the temple compound, overseeing some renovation work that was taking place.  My colleague Lee asked if he would gift us with a blessing.  He happily agreed and went through a beautiful process of blessing some string and tying strands to each of our wrists.

16" x 20", acrylic on canvas

I was inspired by a wild colour portrait that my mom had shared with me. It appeared in her local paper and strongly resembled the style that got me started on this path over 5 years ago.  I decided to try painting President Obama using this style, ostensibly to see whether I could still do it.  While it looked like a big hot mess during the early stages of the process, it came together beautifully in the end.  I decided to add the effect of the stripes of the flag, as if it was being projected at him.  The name "America Obscura" popped into my brain and wouldn't leave.  Make of the title what you will.

16" X 24", acrylic on canvas

Rob and I were driving north to the Wildlife Discovery Park in Innisfail near the end of the summer when I saw a herd of bison off to the right.  I pulled over in the pouring rain and rain out with my camera.  Most of them got skittish and took off in the opposite direction, but one bucked the trend and stood watch.  I called him "The Sentinel", as he seemed to be both protective and nurturing.

24" x 24", gallery canvas print

This portrait of the former President of South Africa remains as one of my favourites.  It captures the spirit of a man that inspired millions with his courage.

You can bid on all of these and more until 9 pm MST on December 8th here:  The starting bid prices are deeply discounted now, but will return to their regular prices as soon as the auction is over.


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