20 Day Painting Challenge

Having just returned from southeast Asia and building a house for Van and her family, it might seem odd that I'm jumping right into a fundraising initiative to build the next one.  The truth is that I love the inspiration that the 20 Day Painting Challenge provides and getting a jump on fundraising is always a good thing.  The early morning painting challenge also helps me reset my clock after my trip overseas.

Last year (19 Day Painting Challenge) I waited until the end of the challenge to auction off whatever paintings hadn't sold at their regular price.  I'm doing things a little different this time around.

All paintings will get added to the 20 Day Painting Challenge as they get completed.  Three paintings have been added already.

Starting bids will start at an incredibly low $50 for every single item.  You will have a chance to buy any painting outright at its regular price, which can vary between $400 and $750 depending on the canvas size.  Choosing the BUY NOW price ensures you get the item right away and you'll get it shipped to you for free anywhere in Canada or the USA.

As my fundraising goal to fund an entire house and sanitary system is about $5,000 CDN, and as we have already raised $500, our goal for the 20 Day Painting Challenge is to cover the difference.  With your help and generosity, I am convinced that we'll be able to make it happen.

"This is a dream come true," said Van as her home was being built this year.  You can help make another family's dream reality in 2021.

Register for free and get ready to bid here:  https://www.32auctions.com/20daypaintingchallenge.

The auction will run until Sunday, March 29, 9 pm MST.


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