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We are living in extraordinary times.  Schools have been closed for over two weeks now, as Alberta continues the process of physical distancing in earnest.  Measures have become stricter and stricter as the drive to flatten the curve has intensified. Heather and I have been painting the entire time.  When the winds of March have passed and April arrives, I will have completed around 32 new works.

I recognize that I paint so much that it might be hard to keep track of which originals are available for purchase.  With that in mind, I'm going to do a virtual gallery of the pieces that are available right now.  In relation to the number that I have created, there is only a small number that can be scooped up.  Here are the five, listed in chronological order from when they were created.

20" x 30"
$750 + gst
Painted March 3, 2020

Al Capone
30" x 40"
$1,150 + gst
Created March 6, 2020

18" x 24"
$600 + gst
Created March 27, 2020

Tyson in Blue
30" x 40"
$1,150 + gst
Created March 29, 2020

Archie Bunker
16" x 16"
$500 + gst
Created March 30, 2020

If you have made it down this far, I have a surprise for you.  If you contact me about purchasing one of these originals and you share the PROMO CODE:  CANADASTRONG, you will get two things:

1) Free shipping to anywhere in Canada, and

2) 20% off the regular price

How do you get in touch with me?


Russell Thomas Art Facebook Page:


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