Living a movie

"I have this feeling that we are living in a movie," I said to Heather last night.

There are so many things happening that have either never happened before or that have never happened with this scope and scale.

Schools have closed many times before, but not all over the planet at the same time.

They shut Disneyland during 9-11, but there is no doubt it will be shut from weeks if not months this time.

Steve Wynn decided to close his MGM Las Vegas hotels for the time being.  When has that ever happened?

Countries are going into lockdown and more families are spending time in their homes than ever before.

In a matter of weeks, the world has completely changed.

Images of empty grocery store shelves have taken over social media as an unparalleled panic buying spree erupted just over a week ago.

Things got super real when news was shared that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had contracted the corona virus while working in Australia.  Perhaps that was the Rock Hudson (AIDS epidemic of the 1980s) moment of this pandemic.  Since then more high profile individuals have tested positive including Prime Minister Trudeau's wife Sophie.

Massive cruise ships with a few cases of Covid-19 are struggling to find a welcoming port.  Many other ships are in port and not about to go anywhere for months, until this pandemic calms down.

Airlines are cancelling flights, laying off staff and trying to stay solvent.  We are not only heading into a global recession, they are now saying we are in one.

We live in interesting times as Canada virtually shuts down and shuts itself off from the rest of the world to “flatten the curve” and stretch out the impact of Covid-19. Our numbers are still very low, which makes these drastic measures seem somewhat overblown.  However, one glance at the news coming out of Italy, France or Spain and it all begins to make sense.  In order to avoid their reality, we have to shift into social distancing and social isolation now. 


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