Comfortably Numb

It strikes me that the longer this pandemic goes on, the more I become numb to it.  The daily dose of infection, death and recovered numbers have become an exercise akin to checking the weather forecast.  The news outlets that I listen to seem to be running over familiar ground, day-in and day-out, though I continue to listen all the same.

Social distancing has become the norm, but for us, not so much outside the norm that life feels altered in any significant way.  It is interesting to discover that we were living a rather socially distanced life before Covid-19 invaded our collective consciousness.

Yesterday they announced the cancellation of the Edmonton Fringe, which may suggest that we will be in social distancing mode well into the summer, if not into the fall and winter.  I saw a report that suggested large scale concerts might not return until the fall of 2021.  In other words, we'll need to see mass distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine before life can completely return to normal.

All of that said, this crisis, like so many others, has spawned many unexpected blessings.  Pollution across the globe is way down.  Society and businesses are discovering the potential of working-from-home as a viable alternative to forcing people to drive long distances to work every day.  People have used the time to reconnect with loved ones - we have received many emails from various family members that had been mostly silent previously.  There has also been an artistic and innovation explosion, as creators pivot during the pandemic.  I love that word "pivot".  My thanks to our friends Jody and Mark for introducing us to it. 

Neighbours are caring for neighbours.  People are discovering the power of patience and stillness.  Lost passions are being rediscovered.  And a newfound respect and appreciation for front line workers, healthcare professionals, emergency responders, police, and essential workers has emerged.

We are about to enter springtime in Alberta, with above zero overnight temperatures expected in the coming week.  The snow will completely melt, buds will appear on the trees and flowers will pop up from the soil.  This will be a new season in nature and with the pandemic, as we near the apex of the curve in Canada.  Stay safe everyone.


  1. Russell, thanks for sharing. After sheltering at home for a couple of weeks, I decided to change my perspective. I started a self-funded art residency for myself.

    In addition to playing my ukulele and writing poetry, I'm working on my beard and growing a more substantial mustache. Sometimes I do all this at once. I know I have to focus.

    Where's my mustache wax?


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