Workshop by Zoom

While some of us were aware of Zoom before the pandemic rolled in, most of us are uber familiar with it now.  Family reunions, board meetings, virtual cocktail hours are all happening thanks to this amazing platform.  It felt like it was time to try a Zoom painting workshop using Heather's account.  She actually pays to use this service which enables us to host lots of guests in a workshop setting.

To get this party started I'll be inviting people to join me in painting an INUKSHUK on Thursday, April 23 at 7 pm MST.  This is a subject that is super fun and super easy.  Absolutely no experience is necessary.  All you need are a few basic supplies.  I'll copy and paste the note I sent along to the 10+ people who have signed up so far:

Here is a basic supply list in case you have the ability to get these at a local Michaels or art supply store.

1 basic set of acrylic paints (assorted colours - white and black are super important)

Something to paint on: canvas, wood panel, watercolour paper, etc.

A few brushes - small, medium and larger (having something for painting lines is important as is a wider brush for the background)

1 brush washing container

1 rag or some paper towels

That’s it. Super simple. I would not recommend using oil paints as they take too long to dry.  We'll be painting the background first with this workshop, and having it mostly dry will be kind of important.

To register for the Zoom call click here. Heather will be the producer of the Zoomcast and will be available to relay any questions that you might have along the way. This is a Birdsong Studio team effort.

IMPORTANT: the workshop will be recorded, so if you are unable to join on Thursday, Heather can arrange access to the recording.

This is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN workshop. If you are able to contribute the regular $20 fee for our virtual workshops, fantastic. Here is a link to contribute using PayPay.  If times are tight, and you need an evening of painting to refresh your soul, it is our joy to provide it. Heather will send E-Transfer information with your Zoom link.

To sign up, send me your email address via the Russell Thomas Art Facebook page, or by email


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