Heather's first solo auction

With the arrival of the pandemic, Heather was no longer able to see craniosacral therapy clients.  Like massage therapists and so many other practitioners, physical distancing is just not possible.  So, she began to spend more and more time out in the studio creating new work.  By the time I made it home from Cambodia, she had enough original work to fill up an entire wall in Birdsong Studio.  By the end of April, many more works had been produced which made it an excellent time for her to do her first solo online art auction.

The auction was launched on Sunday evening, at the beginning of the flood crisis in Fort McMurray.  As this community has been the largest base of our support, bidding action has been rather slow, as our regular clients have been focused on rising river water and flooded streets. So that means there are some outstanding deals.

As I look around the studio, here are some of my favourites pieces on offer:

Dream Dancer
36" x 60"

There are layers and layers on this massive painting created during February.  The human figure emerged, right at the very end, and began the marvellous "Dancer" series.  It is a stunning piece with lots of texture and a quality that draws the viewer in.  "Dream Dancer" leaves you with the sense that anything is possible, you just need to start moving towards your deam.

Raven Raven
36" x 36"

I have an artist cousin who lives in South America who saw this piece posted the other day.  His reaction was "Wow! Wow!"  I don't blame him.  This raven is epic in so many ways.  The colours in his feathers and the rich magenta in the background combine to make this a feature piece worth owning.

30" x 40"

Apparently the word "kSHanti" is Sanskrit for "Patiently Waiting".  Heather writes that is was done in March with the Covid-19 situation was getting worse and causing panic around the world.  At the same time, the bears were starting to emerge from hibernation.  "I felt that this bear - just like our mother earth - was waiting for the peace to come after the storm."

Barn Owl
10" x 10"

Some of my favourite pieces are large, but this one is small.  Heather has been exploring various animals and has developed a soft touch in expressing both hair and feathers.  This little barn owl is extra special and would be a wonderful addition to a small space in your home that needs a wise presence.

Easter Bunny (Au naturel)
11" x 14'

As I type, our neighbourhood bunny is sitting in its favourite spot on the hill behind Birdsong Studio.  We have had several moments over the last week of running into each other.  We just stop and look at each other.  Coco is fascinated with this furry friend, too.  Heather beautifully captures the magical softness of one of God's wonderful creatures.

Heather's first solo online auction goes until Sunday (May 3) at 9 pm MST.  If you see something that you love, jump on it.  You can register for free and see all 20 items here: https://www.32auctions.com/HeatherThomasArt.

One of the items on the block is gallery canvas print of "Dream Dancer".  Net proceeds from sale will be donated tot he Visual Arts program at the Alberta High School of the Fine Arts here in Okotoks.

One of my favourite Heather Thomas creations that is NOT in this auction is called "Cosmic Dancer".  It is actually featured in the Leighton Art Centre's 18th Annual Juried Members Show.  You can check it out online here: Juried Members Show.  If you haven't discovered the Leighton Arts Centre yet, put it on your Alberta bucket list.  It is an artistic oasis set against the Rocky Mountains just a 15 minute drive west of Okotoks.


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