Leading by Zoom

We had our first Zoom painting workshop yesterday.  Extrapolating how many people were registered and signed in with the number of homes that had multiple participants, we had roughly 30 people in several provinces painting together.

Heather operated the iPad and passed along questions from the participants as we went along.  As we asked everyone to mute their microphones, my commentary felt a little like a Facebook Live thing.  I was talking away just trusting that someone was out there listening and watching.

Several participants shared their paintings with us.  These are just a few.

If you missed this Zoom workshop and are interested in doing it, just send Heather a note at office@birdsongconnections.com.  She'll be making the video available later today or tomorrow.  She just has a little editing to do before being able to share it.  We ended up going for about an hour and twenty minutes.  This was a pay-what-you-can offering, so if you're able to contribute (suggested virtual workshop contribution is $20 per person), that's great.  If not, it is our joy to provide it.

Our deepest thanks to everyone who participated in our first Zoom workshop.  We will be scheduling more in the coming weeks.  If you have any subject ideas, send them to the email above.  We would love to hear them.


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