The Energy You Bring

I was becoming increasingly agitated this morning, for no particular reason except that everything around me was agitating. Then I went to Walmart. Bad idea.

Everyone seemed to me to be on a predetermined collision course, that if I moved down one aisle someone would emerge from out of nowhere and block my path. My agitated state was inviting, almost daring, the universe to agitate me more. It did, over and over again.

When I go to Walmart in the opposite state, one of sublime peace and acceptance, I enjoy a miraculous Teflon experience when nothing negative seems to stick, it just slides off as I wander about carefree in perfect harmony with the universe.

The energy you give is the energy you get. It's the whole Law of Attraction principle I suppose. I shared this realization around the lunch table with my family.

"I've been very agitated today," I started, sharing my observation about going to Walmart in the wrong frame of mind.

I was ready to bark, bite, chew and spit at everybody and anybody this morning. Now that I've spoken about my agitation and the reality that it always attracts more of the same, I feel better, like the negative energy has been spritzed away, thousands of molecules of angst being obliterated by the positive energy that surrounds us, just waiting to be called into service.

I kept thinking of the story I read in one of Barb's blog posts this morning, it was a collection of several hundred molecules of positive sitting there hovering in front of my face.

"Let me tell you a story," I began, retelling the tale about offering an old homeless man a meal at a hockey game. Scoop up a piece of positive and read it for yourself. This is Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Thank you Barb.


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