On Tuesday morning we will be holding a press conference at MacDonald Island Park, the site of what will be the biggest entertainment event in Fort McMurray history.  There are a few people, scattered throughout the community, who are privy to the name of the artist who will be the feature attraction of Canada ROCKS 2011.  The scope and scale of the show is unlike anything we have seen before in this community.

An incredible group of community movers and shakers form the volunteer committee that will take this event from concept to mind-blowing reality in a short couple of months - more than several veterans of the recent Northern Classic hockey game project.  This mighty team will deal with daunting traffic logistics, security and safety, and myriad other tasks that will churn behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and unbelievable experience for the 10,000 expected guests from near and far.

We spent some time as a committee earlier this week trying to find the right phrase to frame what this event is going to mean for Wood Buffalo.  This smattering of words might provide a clue as to the identity of the artist we will confirm next week.

Unforgettable  |  Mega  |  Legendary  |  Game-Changing

Honestly, when I first heard that this Canada ROCKS attraction was a possibility, I thought it was a jolly good joke.  As Claude Giroux (Events Wood Buffalo) and Tim Reid (MacDonald Island Park) explored the contract and operational impacts, what first seemed to be a pipe dream quickly turned into a distinct possibility.  It felt surreal, as the artist we will announce normally plays mega-city stadium shows.

I can't say much more without giving everything away, but I will promise two things:
  1. That you'll want to be listening and watching for the announcement on Tuesday, April 26th.  The press conference is scheduled for 10 am.
  2. That you'll want to circle July 2nd on your calendar and plan to be in Fort matter what.
It feels like we've turned a corner, that artists who normal confine themselves to the major cities like Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, will begin to find their way north.  This is one unforgettable mega legendary game-changing experience that you can enjoy right here at home.  We believe it will be the first of many.

Enjoy the anticipation and a brilliant Easter long weekend.


  1. Oh dear, I am afraid I am going to miss this! I hope it will be on Youtube!

  2. Considering I blogged today about my lack of the virtue known as "patience" you can imagine how my fingers are tapping away on my desk now - c'mon, Tuesday!!!

  3. Oh no ... Cudn't attend and July 2nd I will be in Canmore!


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