Ideal Protein Update

One hundred days have passed since I began my Ideal Protein healthy eating journey with the assistance of the gang at BACK on TRACK with BARB.  I've been in Phase 4, or the maintenance phase for a full month and all is well.  Stepping on the scale this morning I was down to a new historic low of 174.6 lbs, a half-pound below the previous low water mark.  I started this new walk with wellness at 207 lbs.

The promotional material says that this is the last diet you will ever have to try.  It was my first, to be perfectly honest, but I know it will be the last.  I am surrounded by friends, and others who I randomly bump into, that concur with this lasting effects of this program.

Comparisons are wonderful things.  If I was to compare what was going into my stomach during these 100 days this year with what probably went in a year ago, perhaps it would look something like this:

100 days comparison  |  2011 intake  |  2010 intake

French fries:  5 fries / 75 plates of fries

Beer:  0 bottles  /  50 bottles (sadly, a conservative guess)

Wine:  1 glass  /  60 glasses (also a low-ball guess)

Pizza:  6 slices  /  100 slices

Potato Chips:  0 chips  /  1000 chips  (strangely, I don't miss these at all? Go figure!)

You get the picture.  The numbers for 2010 are complete guesses, as I wasn't keeping track, but they would certainly be representative.

In a few minutes I will dip into my Breakfast for a King:  1 cup of berries, 8 oz of vanilla-lavoured Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of Alpen Muesli, and 1 multi-grain toast with butter.

A little later today I'll enjoy Lunch for a Prince:  1 cup of fresh vegetables, salad, and 7 oz of protein (a meat of some kind).  I may even add some grated cheese or dressing for extra flavour.

As the sun sets and night returns, I will  cobble together Dinner for a Pauper:  1 cup of fresh vegetables, a small portion of carbs (rice, pasta or potato) and 7 oz of meat.

While we enjoy some television time later in the evening, after the Young Choreographer Ball which I'm emceeing again this year up at the Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts, I will dive into a mixture of raisins, nuts, flax seed and a dollop of extra virgin olive oil.

Apart from my requisite two cups of coffee with soy beverage coffee whitener to start the day, it will be primarily water that goes down my gullet, probably 8 to 12 glasses before I lay my head down on my pillow.

I enjoyed a hearty salad with my boss yesterday, one of the Ideal Protein sparks that got me started on this path back in the summer.  We were contemplating how interesting it would be to tally up the total pounds lost on people who were directly inspired by what we were experiencing, the stories we were telling.  Quickly doing the math in my head, I'm certain it would eclipse several hundred pounds.  I won't name them all, but I will say how proud I am of each and every one.  Keep it up!


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