Facebook Poetry

(a poem written by friends on Facebook - March 24, 2013 - a collective creation)

TITLE - tba

Snow crunching, well past its best before date
Winter's been harsh; I feel much hate
The fresh blooms of Spring, ohhh I cannot wait...

But, wait, the birdsong, it's not too late,
Mother Nature's wrath has closed its gate...
We sit and watch Winter's cold abate...

Visions of Spring and heart-warming dates
And look forward to a warmer date
As the sun beams down on me and my mate

To lead to much warmer days sitting by the lake
Damn those bikinis sure look great!

Blossoms will soon rise, like a long fought for prize
Smelling like Spring, colours soothing my eyes
Looking forward to clear blue skies

The last snowman has melted in his resting place
A place where Summer will discover a garden
The smell of campfires, BBQ and friends' laughter dances through the air
And the summer sun naturally highlights our hair

As the soft sweet breeze gently caresses our faces
The wave gently kiss the sand
The toes tingle, just like my hand

Eyes searching for the green of Spring instead meet the brown snow
Aw, spring is here
We have no time to stand beneath the bawls and stare
As long as sheep and cows

So it is as time passes
The play of life unfolds
As slow as molasses

Spring, don't you hear our yearning calls?
Spring has not sprung
Am i just high strung?
Winter's song is long gone...


A collective creation by Russell, Shawn, Elizabeth, Olive, Ken, Lori, Ducky, Christina, Greg, Caroline, Hope, Danny, Sonia, Claude, Rebecca, Penny, Tina, Sonjia, Margie, Len, Sean, and Mary


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