My dance with Dylan

Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for Literature.  Some people may grimace and turn up their nose when they hear this news; I applaud it.  I have felt for the better part of my adult life that Dylan is a singer/songwriter/poet of the highest order.  His words have been with me for so long that it feels they are part of my bones.

In the way the public sees a particular nominee for President, people either love or hate this minstrel who emerged in the pubs and bars of New York City at the dawn of the 1960s.

"The man can't sing," say some.

"The man is a god," say others.

Heather and I saw him in concert at the Saddledome in Calgary some years back.  I thought it was a marvellous performance.  His voice was in fine form and he twisted and turned familiar classics into song treatments that were totally fresh and fantastic.

I have painted and drawn Bob Dylan several times throughout this creative journey.  I thought it would be appropriate on this day to share a few of these.

I know my journey with Bob Dylan isn't over. I don't think his journey with us is over yet either.  He is now 75 years old, but still writing and touring on a regular basis.  Winning the Nobel Prize is a huge deal, a testament to his legacy on music, and particularly, songwriting. 


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