How many hours do you spend...

Over the course of the weekend, I had a number of visitors to Birdsong Studio.

Trish and Steve came to pick up their nativity painting, my first abstract.  They are such lovely people and it was so nice to spend some time with them talking about my paintings.

Taylor came to hang out and work on a new project.  He also took home Elephant No. 2 for his wife and my first self portrait.  Taylor will soon have one of the largest collection of originals of my work; Northstar Ford has that record at the moment.

 Diane popped in to pick up a special painting for a friend.

Two Leadership Wood Buffalo alums drop by for a quick catch up on Sunday.

And to close out the weekend, Sandy came to pick up limited edition prints #21 - #40 of the Winky painting, raising funds for the SPCA.  He also brought me a Winky Rides bandana.  Little did he know that I have a secret love of bandanas.

I'm just glad that nobody slipped and feel on the ice that formed following the unseasonably warm weather that we had last week.

"How many hours a week are you out here?" asked on guest.

What a great question.  Of course, it depends on the week, but I would guess that I spend between 20-30 hours a week in the studio, over and above working my full-time job at the United Way.  I've definitely developed a pattern.

On weeknights when there are no commitments, I go and work in the studio for at least a couple of hours, sometimes three.  I work a compressed week at United Way which gives me Friday afternoon to spend painting, drawing, packaging, mailing, and all the various things that need to be done to keep things moving forward.  If I have a clear weekend, I'll be out in the studio by 8 am, and outside of taking a lunch break and having a nap, I'll be out there most of the day.

My mom and my wife would both tell you that I function the best when I am active.  I also have a very methodical mind and thrive on routine.  My days are very regimented which frees me up to move into my creative, spontaneous self when sitting in front of the canvas.

I was reflecting on the importance as what Heather does as part of Birdsong Studio.  She's the one who manages all the accounting stuff, over and above the great work she does with her business and practice.  Doing all the paperwork associated with what I do in the studio is pretty crazy - a little like herding cats: I'm all over the place.  God love her.

As we head into a new week, I'm grateful for all the crazy things I can to do as part of this creative adventure, and I'm grateful to each and every person who reaches out to connect, comment, share or commission.  I feel incredibly blessed.


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