Slow and steady

I woke up one morning in mid-December and felt to the core of being that it was time to get back on my eating program.  So, I did.  Unlike a lot of people, I did not put on a lot of what has been dubbed "evac fat".  I was in the low 180s when we returned to the community after the wildfire on June 1st.  It was later in the summer and into the fall that my slippage began.  I snacked more than I should have while watching TV at night.  I succumbed to the allure of a renovated McDonald's in our downtown neighbourhood, more than several times.  And I completely ignored the scale in our bathroom.

In my gut, I knew that stepping on that scale would trigger a chain of changes, and I needed to be ready.  It would be like a light switch.  Something happened on that December day that put me in a state of readiness.  I pulled out the scale, stepped on it, and began my healthy eating journey.

Just over a month ago, I switched to my Ideal Protein yogurt drink in the morning, salad and protein bar at lunch, healthy dinner, and Ideal Protein snack at night.  Combined with copious consumption of water (and countless trips to the bathroom), I have dropped almost 14 pounds and untold inches (not measuring those).  Larger shirts now feel billowy, and smaller ones feel just right.  I've almost run out of holes in my belt and buttoning up shirt collars is no longer a struggle.

The weight loss is slow and steady.  There are stretches of days when the number has stayed exactly the same.  There are other days, usually when my routine gets interrupted, when the number goes up a pound or two.  It's a process that takes time.

I love the simplicity and predictability.  NOTHING tastes better than my salad at lunch, followed by my protein bar and a 5 to 10 minute nap.  I savour my evening snacks and small portions of healthy nuts, seeds and raisons.

Do I follow the Ideal Protein program to the letter?  No, not anymore.  I did the first and second times.  But, I've successfully adapted my approach to it to achieve my goals and feel great.  That said, the two or three products that I buy from Finding Wellness on Franklin (right next to Asti Restaurant) become my trusted companions on the journey.

I'm down to 178 pounds this morning, with 9 more to go.  I've added a physical manifestation of the journey of growing out my beard.  I was inspired by a photo of Maryellen and I taken at work the day she returned from evacuation.  I pledged that I wouldn't shave until she was back.

Feeling great, fitting better.  Life is good.  Have an awesome day.


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