Our night in Bangkok

Our road to Bangkok was made so much easier by Odd.  Returning to the city after a weekend at his farm, he allowed us to tag along. For the first part of our trip he used old traditional roads, which gave us a much better feel of the countryside. Cows and dogs roam freely over here, though both seem to co-exist beautifully. Traffic going into a city of 10 million was a lot less bad than Odd was making it out to be. The speed limit is much lower here, and as such, it seemed much safer, less intense.

Odd took us to a reasonably central subway stop.  We then got on the metro, travelled 9 stops to the Queen Sirikit Conference Centre, then grabbed a cab to our AirBnB location (indicated by the blue dot above). It cost us less than 200 Bhat, or about $7 or $8 CAD. 

The Fahsai Homestay has a number of cabin style units and the main house where the owners and their ancestors have lived for over 100 years. They own a coffee plantation and will be serving us some of their blend as part of our stay. We will also be feeding the monks who walk by every morning on their way to the temple. 

Sleeping proved challenging for me at first. The sounds of proximity were all around us: families cleaning up from their meal, the clanging os spoons in pots, conversations loud and subdued. Everything seemed amplified in the stillness of a new space and the thinness of the wood planked walls. We must be getting familiar with the heat.  Even at 25-degrees, the room seemed cold. They don’t give you blankets here.  We are sleeping under what ostensibly is an oversized towel. The mattress is super firm with almost no give whatsoever.  The pillow is equally hard.  While it took time to settle, I am awake with a back that feels better and am well rested. 

We are sitting out in the common area; birds are flying back and forth playing. It’s a remarkable space: soothing, peaceful, and easy. 


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