Art in the Alley 2018

For the hundreds of people who have visited the murals painted on the exterior walls of Birdsong Studio, the picture that "Art in the Alley" inspires are pretty clear.  They have experienced the serene vibe of the grass right-of-way that runs parallel between Demers Drive and Hill Drive.  With the help of the amazing municipal workers who come by with their massive mowers on a regular basis, I do my best to keep the common space neatly trimmed and cleaned.  It is a spot that honours several amazing locals and provides a jumping off point for a number of great stories.

We are putting on our second "Art in the Alley" this Saturday (June 9, 2018) between 1 - 4 pm.  It is a come-and-go affair and open to everyone who wants to swing by. 

Heather will have her studio open (in the basement of the house) and will be sharing her healing skills and knowledge through the work she does with Cranialsacral therapy and SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy).  The door of Birdsong Studio will wide open with a selection of original works on display.  We will knock $100 off the regular price of all original works during the three hours of the event....whether you are visiting in person, or decide to purchase from away.  Here are most of the original works that will be available.

Most importantly, we'll have "Art in the Alley".

I'm hoping that several artists will be joining us.  Maryanne Campbell is coming back for a second year in a row.  Her beautiful paintings were very popular last year.  Eleven year old Olivia will be bringing a number of pieces that she has done.  She's incredible!  I've also invited my friend Liam to drop in with some of his stunning abstract piece.  It's an open affair, so who knows who else might drop by.

We will also have a couple of tables set up for anyone who wants to get into the Fort Mac Rocks craze.  We'll have paints and brushes available for you to get creative if you feel inspired to do so.  You can then hide your painted rock in a public space in our community and help to spread the joy of art and colour to others.
A couple of additional highlights.  I currently have the largest selection of gallery canvas prints of my paintings.  Among them are pieces that have never been printed before and many only have a single copy available.  Your first crack at snapping these up will be on Saturday.  Prices will range from $150 to $300, and yes, we accept credit cards in the studio.

Also, I've been itching to add to the collection of murals on Birdsong Studio.  I'll be adding a new portrait to the collection as part of this year's "Art in the Alley".  Several great suggestions have come in, but I'm still open to ideas.  Knowing me, I will make the final decision as to who to paint on Saturday morning.


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