Writing for balance

After I grab my first cup of coffee in the morning, I feel this compulsion to write.  Ignoring it is futile, as it has become an essential tool to achieving balance in the morning.

I'm going to be heading to our local Earls restaurant later today to sketch out my next big project.  I'll be doing a 4' x 8' mural of a rhino in their lounge.  Rather than doing it when nobody is around, my friend Stu has asked me to do the painting during the busy evening hours.  That will happen tomorrow and Friday evenings.  There is nothing better than painting in a public setting when people are coming and going.

I have taken to carrying my camera with me when strolling though the neighbourhood.  That helps me feel balanced, too.  There are wonders all around us, and I love capturing and sharing a few of them.

The dead bird really caught my eye the other day.  It's strange how something so sad can be so intriguing at the same time.  This will likely be a painting subject one day.

Another public painting that is coming up will be at Elsie Yanik School.  Opening this fall, my plan is to do a large portrait of Elsie in the atrium and find a way to involve the students and staff.  It's a beautiful school.  The above picture is the view from the learning commons (new term for library).  It is breathtaking.

I'm going to head out into the studio shortly to do a quick project, likely a portrait of Babe Ruth.  I feel like doing something quick and fun before starting into another commission.  It's important for my artistic health to allow myself to do stuff just for squeaks and giggles.  Otherwise, it begins to feel like work.


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