Our short walks

Heather and I do two different types of walks; one requires flip-flops, the other, good walking shoes.  They are both important in terms of their intentionality; the first is about connecting, the second is about working our bodies.

Our flip-flop walks are usually short strolls, to the store or around the block.  This is our space to talk about our days, work through our challenges, or share insights or ideas.  For my part, it's my opportunity to vocalize whatever I'm struggling with out in the studio.  It's also an opportunity to move our bodies.

Having a trusted sounding board is critical to my mental health and my art practise. Despite the fact that I now have 900 paintings floating out there in the world, I still feel that I'm only as good as the canvas that is on the easel right now.  While I'm incredibly fortunate to have built a solid career as a full-time artist, my self-confidence still gets shaken from time to time.  Being able to go on a stroll with Heather gives me space to share my innermost vulnerabilities and talk through strategies to overcome them.

We have done couple walks in the past, but always seem to allow ourselves to get derailed by busy schedules or cold weather.  My intention is to keep doing our short strolls through the winter.  They feel good and they bring us closer together as a couple. 


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