Why Birdsong?

When Heather and I started thinking about names for our family business (Birdsong Connections Inc.), we thought that we would largely be doing professional contracts and facilitation.  Art hadn't emerged yet as a source of income when we started it in 2014.  I was dabbling, as I had most of my life, in drawing and watercolour portraits.  I call it "dabbling" because I was strictly doing it for fun and was giving away everything that I did.

We had set up the company as I was taking on a major contract and needed that business structure in place.  The notion of "Birdsong" came out of our increasing interest in, and appreciation of, the birds that flew into our amazing tree canopy in the backyard. It felt like the perfect name as it communicated the energy we wanted to convey.

Even though our canopy is much smaller, the birds still come.  A family of three pileated woodpeckers dropped in yesterday.  They were wonderful to see.

Early this morning, an unfamiliar birdsong woke me up.  I gently slipped outside to see what was making the lovely song.  In the smoky haze of the early morning, even using the binoculars, I couldn't make out what it was.  It was calling back and forth with another bird of that variety that was off in the distance.

Birdsong Studio seemed like the perfect name for the space where I spend so many hours every day, just steps away from a delightful mix of feathered friends who drop by to say hello and sing their songs.


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