In about two weeks, Dylan will board a plane and fly off to National Theatre School in Montreal.  It marks a major transition in his life and in ours.  We know the time has come for him to leave the nest and explore the world, but my stomach still tightens up when thinking about it.  His leap into adult life reflects the passing of my own years and the inevitability that the same thing will happen with Ben three years from now.

The little boy is gone, replaced by a man.  I saw that on the stage the other night when he played opposite Jenny Price in a scene that was part of the acting master class showcase.  That change will be even more pronounced when he makes return visits from Montreal in the months and years to come.

He will fly off with Heather.  He asked for her to help him get set up.  "No offence Papa," he said.  "Heather is better at it."

What he was referring to is the shopping piece that will be required on the other end.  And he's right.  I'd rush to get it done and I would buy the first thing that I see.  I'm not very discerning when it comes to buying things.

I'll stay back with Ben and spend a few days getting Dylan's bedroom changed over to accommodate guests. 

We've talked loosely about the idea of having a weekly phone call.  As I'm sitting here typing, I'm thinking a Zoom or Skype call might even be better.  That way I can see his face and get a better read on how he's doing.

It will be an adjustment for all of us, a new beginning.


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