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By the time I press publish on this post, we will have shared with our social media worlds that our house at 114 Demers Drive (Fort McMurray) is going on the market on Monday.  In fact, there is a small sandwich board on the front lawn right now to start getting the word out.  This has been HOME for 20 years.

We got an accepted offer on a home in another community.  Until all the conditions get lifted, we won't say much more than that publicly.  We don't want to jinx it.  However, we feel very good about how things look and needed to get this house on the market in anticipation of moving forward.

This is a big deal for all of us.  This is the only home our sons have ever known.  For both Heather and I, this is the longest we've ever spent in one place.  Fort McMurray has given us so much in terms of positive experiences, opportunities, and challenges.  Fort McMurray has made us better humans.

Who might be interested in this home?  First of all, any family with an artist clawing for space in your existing home.  Birdsong Studio will be moving with us, but the building is staying behind.  The studio is 12" x 20" with LED strip lighting and natural gas heat.  It stays incredibly warm, even on the coldest winter days.  With six bedrooms, a beautiful downtown location, and a more affordable price point, this would be a great choice for a growing family interested in being closer to Snye Park and all the amenities offered in the city centre.

Our renovations over the years have turned a good home into a better home.  We did a tremendous amount of work in the basement, adding two large bedroom, yoga studio (bonus room) and a full bathroom.  We also opened up a wall upstairs that dramatically improved how the light dances and the energy flows.

Heather has done an amazing job with the garden and flower beds.  This property is a treasure for those who love getting outside and working with their hands.

The listing realtor is our good friend Julio Florez.  You can arrange a viewing appointment through him.


  1. Beautiful home..I am sure it will be hard to leave... but I am very sure wherever you and Heather go, you will meet new friends and do great things... Best wishes for your new chapter <3 Jane

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