The times are a changin'

In a span of 10 days we've made some significant life decisions.  While we had toyed with the idea of leaving Fort McMurray a year ago, that decision was put on the back burner when things didn't work out with the first property we were considering.  A completely different property and community popped up a few weeks ago and became the catalyst for everything that has happened since.

We decided to put our home of 20 years on the market right away.

MLS FM0160874

Heather had done a tonne of work last year getting things culled, cleaned and painted.  We only had a few rooms to fix up and get ready for showing.  By the weekend, viewings started happening and an offer followed quickly thereafter.

So, after less than 24 hours on the market, we are sitting with a pending offer on our house and everything has become clear that one way or the other we'll be leaving Fort McMurray within a couple of months.  Our target day for departure is June 27th.

We are waiting for all the purchase details to get finalized before we share where and what we are going to.  We don't mean to be cagey.  We just don't want to get too ahead of ourselves.

Has it hit me emotionally yet?  No.  I think I've been too focused on the million things that need to happen in the next three months.  The only deep emotion I felt was when we broke the news to Dylan and Ben that we had placed an offer on another property.  Tears came to the surface several times during those conversations.  I'm sure there will be many more moments in the coming weeks and months when the enormity of the change hits.


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